Fluffy Bodies

Okay…Im fat but fluffy sounds so much better in the subject.

Anyway…Ive knit a number of scarves a few sweaters (mostly for my son, all 2 fo them)

Now I hope to make some stuff for me. That looks GOOD on me. I knit one sweater and I love its fit and feel but its bulky and bulk is bad on big girls

I got the new Big Girls Knit book and I am looking at a couple of those but I was wonderfing if anyone else had any good resources for plus sized (20ish in ready to wear) NICE stuff. Not just frumpy dump stuff. Things that a single plus sized mama could get some attention in maybe :oops: :lol:

This store was posted recently. I know KellyK loves it!!

I love Lane Bryant :smiley:

Are you looking for knitting patterns to knit for yourself or stores to shop at? I can suggest for both. :smiley: lol

I love “The Avenue” also for a place to shop and “Catherine’s.com” is great too. I shop at both of them. :happydance:

Now if you’re looking for a book for knitting sweaters I have the “Big Girl Knits” as you do PLUS I have the new book “Classic Knits for Real Women”. That book is full of beautiful, classic stylish things to wear. If you are wanting “hip and funky” then it’s NOT the book for you.

Sally Melville’s books are great too!! She has three out right now that are a part of a series that will eventually be FIVE books. First one is "The Knitting Experience, Second book is “the Purl Stitch” and her third book is on “Color”. Her books have plus sizes also. Also available at Amazon.

I ordered my copy from Amazon and got it at a great price. Good luck

Look at these sites:



I was thinking more patterns but if anyone comes up with an new stores for big girls…Im all for that too.

Ill take a look at those sites Deeknit…they look intriging at first glance at least :slight_smile:

The Ample Knitters site rocks. They have several free patterns, a gallery of the stuff, and it’s based off of an e-mail list you can join.

Lots of experienced plus-size knitters there who I am in awe of. :shock: If I ever knit myself clothes, I’ll started with the cabled tee.

I am loving Big Girls Knit. Currently, I’ve thrown Bombshell onto my needles for the Knitting World Cup.

I had to substitute yarn and chose Debbie Bliss Cotton Angora for it. Probably a poor choice since the angora is fluffing like crazy all over my clothes while I knit it, however its looking nice so far.

I am totally sick of seeing patterns for smaller sizes. It isn’t so much that they are for smaller sizes but for people with smaller chests. Is the average maximum size REALLY a 38" chest (in Jaegar’s world it is)?

I have only recently taken knitting back up, but I am incensed at how many gorgeous patterns I find, only to have to just groan and shove it back on the shelf when I see the maximum size is 36" or 38". I am not nearly experienced enough to design my own or even work out how to make these patterns bigger.

I’ve been looking for a resource to tell me HOW to make patterns bigger. The trouble then of course is, the shape might not be right in bigger sizes - is this why they don’t do the patterns in bigger sizes?

I am not HUGE but I do have a 46" chest at the widest part. I am determined to learn how to adapt patterns or how to at least design patterns for us larger ladies.

It is now my mission in life, to find out how to do it so that I can post something somewhere easily accessible so other ample knitters can know how too!

I never thought anyone, but my friend Fluffy said that lol. He was a very big guy and after he wore a shirt saying “I’m not fat, I’m fluffy” he was called Fluffy ever since.

The bad thing is lol he dropped over 100 pounds and isn’t fluffy fluffy anymore. Guess he’s stuck with the name :smiley: .

Bombshell is what I was drawn to first to try. I dont feel I can afford the yarn right now though, I want to to be nice nice stuff. I found Plus Fashion Knits or something liek that this weekend. It all calls for Homespun but I am going to try one with a electric blue blend I got for $1 a ball. (I got 20 not knowing what I was going to do)

I think Big Girl knits does some stuff about altering patters, making them adjust for you. I dont feel up to that either but I think Im willing to try. It least its worth a shot on the next one :slight_smile: Maybe Bombshell in a microfiber.

I am really intruged by the short row thing (to accomidate for bustline, not that I need tones of that LOL)

I did see the Ample Knitters site but I didnt do much in theway of looking at it (bad me)

Okay…ladies…fair warning now…I WILL be asking questions later :smiley:

I bought yarn for mimosa (lion brand fine cotton was cheaper than the euroflax linen, but I miiiiiight just go splurge anyway) and I want to make the lift and separate wrap for this fall.

I think, though, if you like the bulky sweater, wear it!!! I have lots of things that I just like the feel of and I wear even though it isn’t the most flattering for 48 inches of boobie or 52 inches of bootie.

I just got a great deal on Rowan All Seasons Cotton on ebay - $24.99 for 10 balls (had to buy 3 packs to get that price but what the hey its payday soon!) in a dusky midnight blue. This is one of my favourite colours so I was lucky! I also got a pack of Rowan Cotton Glace in a discontinued colour - I’m going to use it to make Soleil.

I’m also intrigued by short rows on the chest area. I’m knitting away on bombshell following the pattern so far and I’ve got Ingrid ringing in my head saying “trust the pattern!”

I’m not sure what the bit is that I’m knitting - not able to determine it by looking at it - thought it was the sleeves and neck line but now I’m confused :rofling: I guess it will become much clearer when I hit the 250 stitches I need, cast on the others and join it for the round work.

I want to make the wrap too - that looks awesome! I’ll be posting progress on Bombshell over on my blog. I took a shine to it for the shape - I don’t have a waist and this will hopefully help to “create” one on me. I love all the advice in this book!

Thats exactly why I wanted to do bombshell and the wrap…OH i love. Im just a little intimidated by the pattern.

Ill have to go look up which mimosa is when i get home.

I am going to wear the bulky still but its good to start leaning toward the things that acutally flatter.

its like when ya find a pair of jeans tha you FEEL great in but your sister looks at you and shakes her head saying…no your not allowe to buy them :slight_smile: hehe.

I look forward to reading the updates about bombshell.

Im truely so excited to find this place

:roflhard: been there done that and STILL doing it =D hehe if you FEEL great in something then its gonna make you confident and you’ll look great because of that :slight_smile:

OK I’ll be truthful - the bombshell pattern scares the pants off me, this is my first proper garment. I did do a short sleeve summer sweater 20 years ago and I’ve forgotten most of everything I learned back then. This is knit in the round from the top down. I’ve just cast on additional stitches after getting to my 250 stitch mark (also 24" circs are too small the thing is so bunched up on that length and hard to move smoothly on the cord that I’ve just transferred to the longest length I have in the denise set), I’m on the second row after adding more stitches and I’m scared.

It says to do these next two rows 10 more times, which is fine; but then you put it on waste yarn and try it on. That is fine I guess but err quite honestly I’m not sure which way it goes… I mean I really don’t know if the bit I just cast on is the base of the neck line or the back of the neck line.

This is going to be interesting! I’ll keep it updated on my blog =D Thanks for the comments and I would just say anything you are thinking of knitting - go for it. Just remember what Ingrid the Wise (NGRD the WSE!) says “trust the pattern” - at least that is what keeps running through my head when I’m looking at this going “errrr huh?” :wink:

arrghhh is bombshell the purple one with the seed stitch, or the red square neck one???

mimosa is the beaded shaw towards the back of the book. reddy-purple. modeled by the chick on the front cover… who ALSO models the peel skirt, which i HATE. the only thing int he book where I’m like “no way in HELL will that look good on me or anyone else over 95 pounds” What were they thinking on that one???

ROFL! Bombshell - click “my blog” in my sig and you’ll see which one it is. Square neckline t-shirt type thing with ribbing around the waist to create a waist line. More pics of my progress will be up when I get home tonight, plus my yummy yummy yarn swap gift.

Mimosa - that beaded shawl is GORGEOUS!

Yep agree on the skirt - I looked at that and just thought :shock:

I’ve left the book at my mothers today, photocopied bombshell pattern so its easier to lug around with me :wink: Hope it is going ok - I mean I’m totally not sure which bit is which but its on the circs, now joined and not twisted. More increases to do (20 more rows - 10 repeats of 2 rows) then I get to stick it onto waste yarn and try it on.

By the way, if you are doing any of the Big Girl Knits stuff you MUST check the errata page:


Specifically Mimosa errata!

Also errata for Boobalicious and Sandy.

ooooo GOOD TIP!!!