Flu vs Knitting

I hadn’t touched my knitting since I came down with this nasty flu bug. I was far more interested in just sleeping than knitting, and far too busy coughing to do either.

The fever has finally broken and I am starting to feel a little stronger. Last night I picked up the needles and worked on my current WIP for a little while. My fingers felt very clumsy and awkward at first but I managed to knit a few rounds. It was just stockinette stitch so no real mental involvement was needed and after a couple of rounds my fingers remembered what to do.

It’s kind of funny, I’ve been in this hotel room all week sick with the flu which seems like it would have been perfect for some extended knitting time but I wasn’t able to do so. Spending even a short while knitting last night made me feel like I was a bit back to normal again even though I wasn’t able to continue for long due to the hands and arms cramping up.

It’s kind of funny the things we get in the habit of doing. For me it’s normal that if I am sitting around I am knitting. Not doing so feels strange and out of place.

Now if a flu strain comes along that enjoys knitting maybe we wouldn’t mind catching that one. :mrgreen:

Sorry you have been sick. You should knit some bamboo. It has natural antibacterial properties so your flu germs won’t contaminate your work. I’ve been dealing with horrid allergy issues since returning from Oregon. It’s almost like spring here and the oak is starting to bloom already! I haven’t given up knitting, though.

Thanks. I can relate to the allergies thing but mine are usually the worst in late Summer and early Fall. I’m starting to get over this thing finally.

Didn’t know that about bamboo.

Sorry to hear you’ve been sick and stuck in a hotel room. That is a nasty combination. Nothing worse than being sick away from home. I hope you feel better soon and are able to get back to your knitting!

That flu bug sounds really bad. Glad to hear you are starting to regain your strength. It is terrible to be sick away from home.

I completely understand the knitting problem. I didn’t knit at all for over a week. In the last few days the cough has become a little better. If you are having a cough that is phlegmy try using Mucinex. I think it really helped and I found I wasn’t coughing quite so much because the cough was more effective. Hope you’re feeling stronger every day!

Thanks. Glad you’re feeling better. I am on my way to that point. I’ll try to pick up some Mucinex when I get out. Right now it’s far too cold and windy (below zero) to walk to the store and my truck froze last night and won’t start.

It’s always something… :shrug:

Glad you’re feeling a bit better, I’ve heard it takes a bit to get over that strain of flu.

I hear about you concerning knitting. It is such a relaxing part of us that when we’re sick and actually can’t knit it really throws us for a loop.

Hope you’re back to yourself soon!