Flowers! KH Virtual Garden

I am NOT a gardener. I am just a knitter.
But, I’m sure that there are lots of gardeners in our midst.
I would love to see photos of your beautiful flower gardens! :pray:

This past week, one of my piano students gave me a huge bouquet of blooms from her hydrangea bushes. I’ve been enjoying them all week.

I put one single bunch in a small vase in the bathroom. Pretty!

Those are beautiful, Sandy! I’ve got a bunch of flowers blooming. I’ll have to take some photos.

I absolutely love hydrangeas. My soil makes mine pink and they are so vibrant this year. I’ve finely found the perfect watering schedule that satisfies them and doesn’t drown out the rest of the flowers around them.

How wonderful for them to give you those flowers!

Lucky you, to have a generous gardening friend!

My flowers are all still in bud, but it’s hot here this week, so I may have some photos for you soon.

Enjoy those beauties! I heard that if you put some food coloring in the water, the petals will change color for you. Ever try it?

I’ve been meaning to take some pictures - I have seedling columbines and so far this year have at least five or six distinct form/colour combinations. it’s fascinating, because some plants the flowers droop, some they face out, and some hold the blossoms vertically - and it’s a genetic trait; then you get short spurs, long spurs, open faced, cupped, doubles…

and that before you start adding in the colour combinations and shades!

I have some lovely Denver Gold columbines that really went to town this spring, unfortunately they already are on the decline so it’s too late for pretty pictures. Sigh, stupid Texas heat! Please post some of yours, columbines are one of my fav flowers!

My crepe myrles should be blooming within the next month and maybe then I’ll have some pics to contribute.

Very pretty!

I don’t know if our hydrangeas are in bloom yet. But our rhododendrons are in full bloom now. They are still recovering from 2 winters ago when they got winter burn, so they are not as glorious as they have been in the past. At least we got blooms. Last year the poor plants lost most of their leaves and I don’t think we got a single flower. They are tough plants though.

All of the “smaller” ground cover are strawberries!!! They come ever year…Peonies are just blooming today…Sedum is huge and those white tall flowers well I just don’t know what they are… I’ll try to get a pic of my other ones…

Here’s another…couldn’t get it on my first reply!!! Enjoy

I have the blackest thumb on the planet. As much as I would love to take something from seed to bloom and keep it going, for some reason I have the inate ability of a snuff film director. In the end, they all just die.

My local flower shop has banned me from entering the building for fear my mere presence will suck the life from the flowers and leave them destitute and flowerless.

That is beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

Oooo! Can’t wait to see them! You always take gorgeous photos, Jan. :hug:

Nice! I would LOVE to see pink hydrangeas! :heart:

:thumbsup: Looking forward to it!

Exciting! I’ll try that next time. Sounds like fun! :cheering:

:woohoo: Take lots of pictures!

:wink: Can’t wait to see them!

Maybe you can get a family photo out there. (or at least just Erin) :teehee:

:heart: :muah: :heart:
Love it! Thanks Cheley!

I think I have the same problem, my friend. All of my plants die. Makes me so sad. :verysad:
But, at least I have friends that can do it. And my Mom is a good gardener too. Here are some photos of her yard a few years ago:

And here’s a little garden fairy that my sister gave her last year for Mother’s Day. It lights up at night!

I heart that fairy! Do you know where she got it?

I love it too! She got it at Tuesday Morning. It didn’t have a box or a label, so I don’t know the manufacturer.

These aren’t in my garden but I found them on a walk downtown

I don’t know what kind of flowers they are but sure thought they were pretty.

Everyone’s pictures are gorgeous !! I would have loved to show off my gardens, but all of my spring flowers and even my lilac bush (which smelled sooo wonderful this year) have all come and gone. I am now waiting on my summer sunflowers, lillies, cedum, and dahlia’s to come into bloom.

I could show you the 3 needlepoint hollies we just planted to keep the crazy dog away from the lower corner of our yard, but well…they’re boring and green in a bed a mulch…

The upper photo appears to be a sedum of some sort; the lower one either a rudbeckia or Echinacea ; I’ve never been able to tell those two apart.