Flower washcloth pattern

Does anyone have a pattern for a flower shaped washcloth??? I can’t seem to find one anywhere; and alas, I’m not about to try to make one up on my own!!! :XX: That would be a huge riot!! :lol:

RIOT RIOT!! I want a RIOT!!

JK, tgif. Yay.

Sorry I couldn’t actually be helpful.

Did you look at any of THESE?

I looked through all of them and saw quite a few roundish ones that would look like a flower if you kinda squinted…

Try this site…so many pretty ones here!


Just move your cursor over the design name, and you will see the dishcloth on the little screen. I love it!

Have fun!


I was just about to post the same link :slight_smile:

I love that website and haven’t found any better site for as many dishcloth patterns that are on there. My next project is going to be one of those patterns…I’m thinking maybe the feather and fan one.

I searched and searched for the free pattern for the flower washcloth and never could find one… I finally broke down and bought the book Weekend Knitting : 50 Unique Projects and Ideas by Melanie Falick… but it was worth every penny… the washcloths were so much fun to make and I have given them as gifts, people love them

From the link that Newbird posted, I have been thinking about making the dishcloth called “Petal” on page 1, with a flower look in mind. The directions say you can do each petal in different colors. I was thinking of doing it in some flowery color (or colors) then overstitching a small yellow center to make a flower stamen. It may be corny. I’ll have to see. It’s about the fourth or fifth project down on my priority list, so I don’t know whether I could get a picture posted anytime soon.

Hi…yes, dong the flower a pretty color would be nice. Also the outside can look like leaves…with the yellow center, this will be such a Springy gift for friends! Great idea!

“Yvonne’s Double Flower Cloth”, and “Doily Style Dishcloth” both are really pretty, too. It’s nice that these patterns are rated, so we know how much of a challenge might be facing us before we tackle it!


Thank you all so much for the great links!!! Found loads that I want to make now!!! :cheering: The Weekend Knitting book has been on my list for quite a while. Maybe I’ll break the bank this weekend and buy it!!