Flower Power Wash Cloth

I’ve seen the cool flower washcloth that several of you have knit…and I don’t have the book, my library doesn’t have the book…I can’t seem to get my hands on the book…so…I winged it and wrote my own pattern.
Yesterday I wrote one that began in the center and increased outward, then the petals were knit…well, I don’t really like that one. So, today I wrote another…this one has turned out okay…I may still fiddle with the decreasing, but, all in all I am pleased with the outcome. I will now knit a few using the yummy Blue Sky Cotton :wink:
This one was knit with size 6 circs and TLC Cotton.
I will put the pattern on my blog tomorrow :wink:

That’s adorable Becka! I love it!

That’s cute! :thumbsup:


That’s so pretty! I’m so impressed that you came up with that on your own!!

I love this!!! You are so creative designing your own pattern. I would love to get this from you. Way to go!!! My mom is crazy about flowers so this would be perfect!!!

Well, I tweaked the pattern a bit, as I said and knitted up another, which is my fave thus far :smiley:

Blue Sky Cotton
Size 7 circs

And a bit of yarn porn…Lonnie got this for me today :smiley:

Awww that’s so cute!

That’s wonderful!

I’m on a washcloth kick these days, what with two expecting mama’s in my circle of family and friends, this one’s definiately going on the list!

And that porn… sigh, swoon… thanks, I needed that!

Yeah, you gotta love the yarn porn :smiley: AND, talk about luscious washcloths…these knitting with the Blue Sky Cotton yarn :wink:

I love it. Please let us know when you post the pattern. I have some verigated Fantasy Naturale cotton that I got to knit the other flower cloths but know I want to use your pattern.

Thanks everyone :smiley: The patterns are on my blog…I’m working on one more variation now…but the others are ready :smiley:

:thumbsup: Becka - you totally blow me away with your ability to actually create patterns. It’s one thing to be able to knit, but designing what you knit is taking it to a whole different level. And that you do so amazingly well! :notworthy:


I love the washcloths–have been looking for a pattern for this and couldn’t find one; I copied your pattern from your blog and cannot wait to make this–I love to make washcloths! Thanks so much for posting the pattern.

Knitaholic :smiley:

Thanks, guys!!! Ya’ll are all just too sweet :smiley:

I played around with yet another way to knit this washcloth…this one has raglan decreasing.

So, thus far there’s the Very Swirly Flower Power washcloth with several spiral decreases. Then there’s the regular Flower Power Washcloth and now I have knit the raglan decrease flower power cloth :smiley:

Ewe Rock! Now listed on my other fave site… knitting pattern central for those (impossible no?) that haven’t heard of that site.
:cheering: :cheering: :cheering:
Yay, flower cloth variations! LOOOOVe it!!!

Thanks so much!!! I aim to please :wink:

couls someone post the patter so we all can see it please! my library doesn’y have the book!

Looks Great.

Thanks, guys!
loves2knit, The “flower power washcloth” patterns can be found on my blog.