Flower Power hand towels

I love, love the Flower Power washcloths that I knit a short time ago. I love them so much that I decided to design towels to go with! Like the washcloths, I designed 3 different centers. Swirly, Raglan, and Center of Many Swirls. I actually made these for my kitchen, they match my Fiestaware, but they can easily be used in the bath, or wherever!
I also knit these with Blue Sky Cotton yarn, it’s so dreamy!
I used size 7 circs.
The patterns will be on my blog a little later today!

Swirl Center

Raglan Center

Center of Many Swirls

oooh I love them!!!

i have fiestaware too!! they would be perfect for that!

Ooh, very pretty. I agree, they’d look fantastic with the fiestaware (we have the bowls.)

What about napkins or placemats?

:yay: Love all 3, Becca, especially the many swirls center. It is so nice of you to share your patterns, and talent, with us all here! Thank you!

Oh, they’re very pretty! :yay:

Love your towels. I, too, collect Fiesta. Inherited my grandmother’s set and have been adding to them ever since. You’re so talented. If the pattern’s not written down, I haven’t a clue how to design my own. I’m so envious. You’re the bomb, Becca.

Well, now I know what to do with the ball of Peaches & Cream I just found…

Love them all! Great job!

Cool! Thanks for sharing your patterns! :cheering:

:muah: Thanks, everyone :muah:

those are awsome

Those are so pretty!