Flower Basket Lace Shawl/Scarf

I have the pattern for the Flower Basket Lace Shawl/Scarf

but I can’t even start on it because I have a question about the way you cast on. It looks like you have to begin knitting from a crocheted chain which becomes “waste yarn” after you’ve knitted for a while…why is that? I don’t understand…I’m so confused! :waah:

I do love this pattern! I’ve not yet knit it, but I have the pattern.
Now, as for the provisional cast on, it’s not nearly so hard as you think (I was scared to death the 1st time I tried it!)…you are going to need piece of waste yarn (yarn you aren’t using for the project, but the same size yarn, ie, worsted if you are using worsted yarn for the project; dk if you are using dk for the project, etc). The video that I watched that caused :figureditout: and helped me figure out this cast on can be found here. Is this helpful?

You do a provisional cast on so the first row of stitches stays ‘live’ and you can use them later for whatever the pattern has in mind.

I’m working on the Flower Basket shawl and found a great site for help. It also provides a link for the cast on tutorial. It’s

It use to be a free pattern for the small scarf but now it has to be purchased and includes different sizes and yarn. I’m on repeat 14 and plan on going to at least 17 repeats as I like big shawls. The orginal free pattern is about big enough for a small scarf.

What a nice site for the FBS, thanks!

Thanks for posting all of these great sites–it’s VERY helpful!!! I’ve got five shawls to knit along with a throw before I even begin to think about trying my hand at this, but it’s good to know where I can go for hints when I am ready. Thanks everybody for helping me out!!! :heart:

That’s a BEAUTIFUL shawl. Five shawls to knit? Wow.

Ah, they’re easy–my standard garter stitch, triangular or rectangular basic shawls! I just pick nice pretty yarn and let the yarn be the “workhorse” for me. It’s hard for me to try more complex patterns because most of my knitting is done exclusively at night when everyone is bed (the only time I have a decent block of uninterrupted time), and I don’t want to try to do anything too complex because by that time, I’m pretty tired and have a hard time focusing! :teehee:

Well that’s still some accomplishment. Shawls take a while. I’ve made a few small triangle ones, the really easy ones but now I want to step up and make a lacy one for myself. They’re so beatiful. I like these ones I saw in Vogure knitting, can’t remember which issue, maybe I’ll find it and post a pic.

Yeah, I do intricate stuff only in the morning when I’m really focused.
well, sort of ha after a few cups of coffee…

That’s how I feel too. I could probably knit a garter stitch triangular or rectangular shawl in my sleep, so I’d like to try a lacier kind one of these days. That’s why I’ve been going back and forth looking at the Flower Basket Lace Shawl/Scarf pattern for quite some time. I keep intending to at least try it. Once I finish the project I’m working on now using laceweight yarn and if it turns out nicely, maybe I’ll get a little braver to try this project.

We’ll get there yet! Any day now… I think it will be fun once we start.