Flow Motion Socks by Cat Bordhi (p.82/120 F'06 VK)

takes DEEP breath

Okay, I’m thinking of chasing down the yarn which is called for by this pattern (evidently Skacel’s Trekking XXL is a cult fave sock yarn, but only available through brick&mortar stores GRRR I’ve got some leads, but may have to mail order as El Paso is home to one real yarn store…)

…and thinking of making these socks. They are the bottom left pink ones online at:

Designer’s errata can be found at http://www.catbordhi.com/news.html
—she says that the pattern was changed from her original directions.

I saw these socks, and loved the color and thought the pattern was neat, then saw that she was on the newest episode of Knitty Gritty making a moebius neck warmer thingy. (NOTE: once somebody shows me the tutorial for making your own circular needles, I’d love to try moebius kntting, in the meantime, no 47" sz 10 circs for me!) She was showing off a bit, (casting on behind her back) but very entertaining. It was a sign; I have to make these socks.

: )

Anyway, the socks call for two sz 6 (4mm) circs, for the two circ needle method of of sock building, and I think it’s got some pretty complicated stuff going on— picot bindoff, toe up pattern, lacework on the leg. I definitely need some hand-holding to complete these. I’ve made one pair of socks before, that were too small for my baby the day he was born. (They’re going on the Xmas tree as ornaments.) Other than that, I’ve read Socks Soar on Two Circular needles, and I’ve got a sock in Opal sock yarn on two circs that has about 1.5" done, but I am a polygamous knitter, never faithful to one project, particularly boring ones when there are other projects with more immediate payoffs (My Last Minute Gifts wristwarmers, for example).

I need to check my needle inventory as I think my circular size 6’s are in use, and I’m not sure the pattern would be amenable to DPNs.

Once I have needles and yarn, I’ll report back here for necessary hand-holding. Anybody want to take the plunge with me?


I saw her on knitty gritty, too!!! LOVE, LOVE! She is a knitting genius as far as I’m concerned!
This sock that you mentioned (love…gotta knit it) is not knit with general sock construction! Cat is about to publish a new book…with several new sock techniques (can’t wait!!), and this is one of them according to the magazine…but, it sure looks like it’s going to be a fun knit :smiley: I can’t wait to give it a try!!! I’ve not yet read over the pattern… sure is a pretty pair of socks. Can’t wait to see your’s!!!

Oh, I saw her on KG, too! I can’t wait to get a look @ this sock pattern. She must be a mathematical genius!

I would also like to make those socks if I can find an issue of Vogue Knitting here in the rural area I live in. I would also like to try the blue ones that were in the middle on the row above. Those were really neat.