I’m in a restless knitting mood right now. I’ve started the Forest Canopy Shawland made a simple error (on the 10th pattern repeat). So as I was Tinking back, the kidlets came out on the balcony and started fighting and running all around my adirondack chair. I was so flustered - I messed up my tinking and ended up with 2 funky stitches that I couldn’t figure out. And of course, being that the pattern is a simple lace pattern, I didn’t see the need for a life line. So I started to tink back to the previous row and again was distracted and messed it up even more! NOW I feel stuck!

To make it worse, my l’il sis wants me to knit a slouchy hat for her and I haven’t found one that I particularly like yet. I’m gravitating toward Crystalise (August issue of Yarn Forward) or Spring Beret - but am still unsure.

I have so many projects on the needles, that I have to buy MORE needles to work on the projects I need to start now…

UGH - I feel so ADD and flustered right now. :frowning:

:heart::hug: Big Hugs from me to you! :hug::heart:

:hug: from me too! That’s so frustrating :gah:

Sorry you hit a slump. I totally know the feeling. I think if you start the slouch hat, it could help. 2009 hasn’t been a great knitting year for me, but I managed to make a couple slouch hats/berets …

I know there’s a free pattern online for this, but I can’t remember where I got it… :shrug:

Good luck getting unstuck :slight_smile:

Ekgheiy - your berets are beautiful!

I hope you get your knitting groove back soon. I felt that way last week while trying to work a sock with an incredibly difficult yarn to see. I finally put it down and made up a project that gave me instant satisfaction. I have begun the sock again and I am feeling much better. Best of luck.

BTW, I really like both those slouchy hat patterns (might have to make one of em up, too).

I had a day like that a few weeks back…I did have a life line in a lace pattern I was working…and for some reason…that night…I was just not getting one of the pattern repeats…

I was fine til I got there…and fine after…but that whole repeat was like row 1, row 2, row 3, tear back to life line, row 1, tear back, row 1, row 2, row 3, row 4, row 5, tear back, 1,2,3,4,5,6,7, tear back…etc…and onward for 3 hours!

I was sitting behind DH, and it got to the point where he saw the project fly over his right shoulder…

And of course…any thinking person would have put it down…but not silly ol’ me…I had to beat the stubborn 12 row repeat!!!

I feel your pain…

[I][SIZE=4]We’ve all been there…just set it aside for a bit…that will help. :grphug:When I made my Forest Canopy, my friend told me about Lifelines, and boy was that a lifesaver! We live and learn…just when I think it’s an easy pattern, I goof up…LOL! So, I highly recommend lifelines in your lace knitting…no matter how easy you think it is!

You sound like me…all those projects on the needles…I’ve been doing lots of crocheting on top of that[/SIZE][/I]:wink:

I found the pattern!! :yay: It’s a Natalie Larson design and it’s available for free at Ravelry. If I remember correctly, it’s a super easy pattern; and it only took three days to make.

Whatever pattern you choose, I hope your mojo comes back! :thumbsup:

Off to check it out!! Thanks so much for diggin this up for me!

I just faved that pattern. Thanks…:yay: :yay: :yay:

Did you use cotton? If so, how badly does grow after you wear it?