Floridians & southerners, would you really ever use a sc

My FIL and his girlfriend live in Florida, in the Tampa Bay area. Her birthday is October 1. I had originally thought of doing Cozy for her, but I’m not thinking that’s going to happen by then. It’s started and I’m two repeats in, but no where near being done. So I’m considering something smaller scale, like a scarf instead of a wrap or shawl. So would you ever really use a scarf in Florida, if it was lightweight enough? I’m thinking something lacy, but I’d have to use something already in my stash, like Cascade Pima Silk, my budget is not budging for more yarn purchases. I have colors 0010 (natural), 5136 (dusty rose), and 5200 (sage green).

So any suggestions for a not too heavy scarf, using a sport to worsted weight cotton blend?

I just knit a lacey scarf for me…using bamboo. The weather is about the same here as it is there, we don’t get very cold winters…so, I actually use scarves and hats alot! I wear them with a cardi, it’s really all I need and, as I said, the weather is about the same here.
I think Knitty’s Branching Out scarf would be great in pima silk! Or…any scarf, actually, because it’s not going to be as warm as wool! Personally…I say go for it with any scarf that you like and just use your Pima Silk :cheering:

I live in the Tampa Bay area and we do get some occasional really cold days (40ish/low of 34, sometimes freezes). Having said that I wouldn’t knit something up that was too dense but a nice, lightweight decorative scarf would be a welcome addition to anyone’s winter wardrobe here. I know some of us are so excited to see winter come because it’s the only time we get to wear different clothes. Here, each day consists of a pair of shorts, flip flops and a t-shirt for me. When the first cool day comes it’s like Christmas going through my winter stash of clothing. I’m sure whatever you make for her will be greatly appreciated!

I live in the Tampa BAy area and last year, for Christmas, I knitted a scarf for several women I work with. They all loved them and wear them. he scarves were light and airly.

My dh used to live in Miami and he says that after a while you become acclimated to the weather and even 70* can feel cold. I guess that’s why my NM roomate in college was wearing parkas and scarves when I was still wearing shorts (I was from NH). lol So I think a lightweight, non-wool scarf would be great! I made my mum a “decorative” scarf for Christmas and she lives in TX.

I live in N. Florida & it may get just a little chillier than further south. But I wear scarves in the winter, even if it’s more of an accessory than a necessity. I’m making my mom a lace scarf, nothing too heavy. And we do get used to the weather…my DH is from Chicago & now, after living here for 15+ years, he feels it’s chilly when it’s 50 degree weather like I do, LOL.

Cozy, I’m in North Florida too. Tallahassee… where are you?


I am in the Tampa area and I want to be back up north so bad that I am in a sock knitting frenzy. We do have a few cooler days here…so maybe a pretty lightweight scarf would work!

I am in Georgia and we wear scarves in the winter as it can get cold for us here. Pima cotton is great as is silk. We wear wool here in the winter too.


Hey, Debby, where are you in GA?

I am in Duluth.

I’m sure she could use a light scarf. :wink: I’d say? knit one in a silky material in nice/ mixed colors (and/or stripes) on a needle “bigger” than the yarn. (so it came out somewhat lacey. :wink: …) Put fringe on the end. This is a REALLY pretty pattern I’ve made for people a few times that is nice for warmer weather. :slight_smile: You could also knit a wrap/ poncho in the same sort of material, and she could wear it over say, a tank top with jeans etc. :slight_smile: