FLORIDA KNITTERS - Palm Beach Knit Group?

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I’ve recently become VERY interested in meeting with other knitters for a regular Knit Night / Knit Group Meeting.

Most of the groups I have found online are pretty far south of me (Boyton Beach and further south into Broward).

I’m looking for something in or around the Western Communities (aka The Acreage) but could go as far as Palm Beach Gardens, Wellington or Royal Palm Beach. If there is no group already running, I’m planning to start one.

If you are near this area and would like to meet weekly or twice per month at a local bookstore, let me know!

If you’re already part of a group in this area that I could join, please let me know that too!

We’re in the same boat, except that all of the groups are North of me (I’m in Miami-Dade County). Good luck!

Just wanted to bump this up.

I grew up in Loxahatchee.


I was just in Hollywood, FL at The Yarn Tree. There were two groups meeting and knitting at the store. I think it was Saturday morning. We did a “yarn crawl” down the east coast and that was the best shop we found.

Be sure to mark your calendar for the Florida Fiber In
… September 15-17 in Orlando


I belong to this group in Orlando

I would love to meet other Florida KHers !

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I live in Fort Lauderdale, there is just not much in the area that is available when I am available or that is very active, if you hear of anything, I would be interested too.

Thanks for the information ladies! As I suspected, I may just have to start one of these at a local bookstore. I’ve been told that they will add it to their public calendar and that should generate some good interest.

Debbie - I knit with the OAC Knitters from that site last week Saturday, what fun!!

I’m looking forward to meeting some other KH’ers in the area too!

As I get more information I’ll post it here.

I’m near Ft. Lauderdale and go to a knitting group called the “Sweet Stitchin’ Betties” every Monday night in Davie. We meet from 7-9pm at the Roasted Bean coffeehouse. Here is a link to our group if anyone is interested in joining us!! :thumbsup:

Thanks Lindsay, I clicked to join your group. This is so great, had no idea there was a group in my town.


Hope you get to come, we really have a blast at our meetings!!