Florence Louisa Harding

In reading this pattern I am confused at the point it says: patt 21(23:25:26:28) turn and leave remaining 36(38:40:43:45) on ward. Can you help me in shaping the neck. Just breaking it down for me would truly helpful. I would truly appreciate this. Thank you so much.

Hi ritagloria55 patterns should not be written out on the forum as the are protected by copyright laws. Please provide a link or name. I believe that some of the old timers who are more familiar with what we can and can not do will probably ask you to delete it

Rita okay lets see if i can help.

Pattern the first 21 st turn and place the remaining 36 st on a holder. We sre going to work on these 21st. It says to patt then work 4 rows dec 1st at neck edge every row leaving you with 17sts, then you are going to work the next 9 rows, dec 1 st in the first row and then every other row (you will have made 5 decs) giving you a total of 12 sts. Now you are going to conyinue working the rows without any dec for 7 inches ending with a ws , then they want you to cast off in pattern.
Now with the right side facing work on the 36 sts which you have ona holder. It tells you to now slip from yhe 36 sts 15 on a holder for later, rejoin your yarn on rem 21sts and work pattern to the end of row, then work next row in pattern then you are going to repeat what you did for the first 21st. Hope this helps.

Sorry I deleted the pattern.

Do you understand what i broke down for you?