"Floral Knitting" book for sale

Hello. I have a hardcover book called “Floral Knitting” by Susan Duckworth. This is a 143-page book full of beautiful patterns (mostly sweaters), which are WAY too advanced for me, and as I’m trying to lighten my load of books, this is one I’m willing to part with. The book is an ex-library copy that I bought at a book sale last year. It is in excellent shape, and I’m asking $4.00 for it. I’m unsure about the shipping costs. I’d have to go to the P.O. and find out. If interested, send me a private message. Thanks!

I just looked up the book on google and it does look nice. But way beyond :blush: my knitting abilities right now. I’m sure someone will buy it from you!

Yup. Someone bought it quite a while ago. Way beyond my abilities, too. But such stunning sweaters.
[size=2]I hope to see the FOs from the buyer in the future![/size] :wink: