Floppy Brim Hat pattern anyone?

I am looking for a floppy brim hat pattern, and the only one I can find is for crochet, and I need knitting.
Anyone have one that can be shared?
Thanks in advance!:muah:

Try this one, you can leave off the novelty yarn, the basic floppy hat is there:


Here’s one that’s not felted: http://www.headhuggers.org/patterns/kpatt12.htm

Here is a felted pattern that I particularly like…

Here are a few: [=brim&data[craft][k]=k"]patternlinks.com - brim hats](http://www.patternlinks.com/search.php?data[pattern)

Did you try going to headhuggers.com I think that I have seen a hat there like that is both as well

SO cute! Not sure where the pattern came from, but you might try the manuf. website. Otherwise I can ask when they open again next week.

Good luck!