Floats seem toooo long in pattern

Can anyone advise a remedy for my heart sock? I just knit one so far - knitting in hearts on a sock leg from a chart with 2 colors - I followed the pattern and when I actually started to knit them I realized there would be floats of 11 sts! Now that it’s knit, is there a way to clip and finish off the floats? I think I’ll need to knit a completely new pair with duplicate hearts worked instead.? Or, since my heart is 7 sts wide - maybe reconfigure it to have floats no more than 3 sts?

I wouldn’t advise cutting the floats.

You can ‘catch’ the yarn to avoid long floats.

www.philosopherswool.com has video, I believe. If not, I’ll try to explain it, but seeing is so much easier.

I came across this yesterday which might help.

Are you refering to the “Two-handed Fair Isle Technique” video on the Philosopher’s Wool website? That’s the only video I see. In fact, I can’t see the video right now, it’s not loading properly. Could you perhaps give a brief explanation of what you are talking about? Is it the technique that Callagain linked to?


Yes, it’s like the way Callagain posted, but I do it all with my right hand, so it took me a minute to compare. You don’t have to do it for every stitch, though.

I insert my needle to knit the next stitch, then I bring the yarn I want to catch up from under the working yarn and drape it across the right needle tip from back to front–clockwise?–then wrap the stitch to knit with and take the old yarn off.