Floating Stitch

I’m working on a sweater. On the graft are 2 spaces next to each other with a “loop” in each one. The definition is “float(ing) stitches”. There is nothing in the “Term Glossary” in the book. Please help! :gah:


First of all, welcome to KH! :yay:

I’ve never heard of floating stitches. :??

It helps us help you if you can give us more information.

What are you making? (I know a sweater in this case :wink: )
What are you trying to do? (graft shoulders? Side seam? etc)
Do you have a link to the pattern?
A photo helps if you can post one.

Maybe you’re supposed to slip them? I’m surprised there isn’t an explanation next to the chart.

I found this. http://www.knittingwisdom.com/stitches/float-stitch-checkerboard.htm