Flip top mittens

I haven’t posted many projects lately. Sometimes I don’t even get them photographed!

Anyway recently I was on a trip with my old college friends and one of them saw a hand knit pair of fingerless gloves with a flip top. I said, I can make something like that. I followed the basic guidelines for the flip top Heart Mittens in S’nB Nation but made stripes instead and used similar colors to what I saw at the store. I also redesigned the flip top not being please with the pattern. I started out making an applied I-cord on the back then continuing the I-cord all the way around and connecting it in a circle. Then I picked up stitches from the I-cord to make the top. This is an idea I got from an Elizabeth Zimmerman pattern. I think they are pretty cute and I think my friend will like them. You can see them on my Ravelry Page. http://www.ravelry.com/projects/newamy/valentines-hat--mittens

Cute mittens :slight_smile:

[B]Those look great - good job![/B] :woohoo:

I haven’t made any of those yet, although I plan to. I have made countless mittens, gloves, knucks, etc. but have never made the flip top, but I feel I can probably do it with the other experiences to back me up, so to speak. There are a few patterns on the 'net for them and I’m still trying to decide which ones to do at this point. I do think that my first pair will be made with only one color, just so that I can concentrate on the pattern vs the pattern and the color changes, lol.

Those are very cute, love the colorway!

Ooh flippies, how nifty they turned out. :thumbsup:

Those look very nice!

For people who don’t have Ravelry or those who are on dial up and don’t want to load another page maybe you could post the pictures here, too. :wink: I generally do not click links myself. :shifty: I’d rather just open the post and see them because I’m in a hurry some of the time.

:yay: Great job!!


Jan has had to make sacrifices (ie not clicking links) to get to those 20,000 posts and still actually knit anything! :rofl:

The mittens are cute!