Flip-Top Mittens question **question added**

A quick question. I finished the cuff ribbing for mitten #1 and am now doing the increasing for thumb gusset.

I got the first increase row fine, now when I repeat the increases every 3rd row 4 times, just need some clarification.

The first increase you K14, M1R, place marker, K1, M1L, K to end of rnd. After that it says to increase one stitch before and after marked stitch. Does that mean:

a) K to 1st before marker, M1R, slip marker, M1L
b) K to 1st before marker, M1R, slip marker, K1, M1L


I haven’t worked this pattern yet - I plan to - but I have come across this sort of increase in other patterns. I’m pretty sure option a is what you want to do.

:thinking: Since Kelly is busy entertaining, I’ll throw my opinion here. I say to go with option b so the two M1’s aren’t right next to each other but have one stitch between them.

Thanks to you both. I was leaning towards option b, simply because that’s how the first increase row went. I also couldn’t think whether you ever do a M1R and a M1L right next to each other. The instructions weren’t very precise on that point.

Another question…

I’ve put the thumb stitches on a holder now and am going to start the palm.

It says to knit the palm half of stitches in 1x1 rib and the rest in stockinette…the first half being the palm stitches. Welllllll…there are 29 stitches. So which stitches exactly are the palm stitches??

I cast on one stitch in the ‘gap’ after putting the thumb stitches on a holder, and other than that one stitch, there are 28sts. Do I take the first 14 and use them as palm stitches and the rest (15sts) as the outside of the hand?

Hi KQ,

Sorry it took so long to get back to you.

About the thumb gusset increases - go with option B - do the K1 with the increases before and after the knit stitch.

As for the palm stitches, I didn’t count the extra cast on stitch (since it’s right over the thumb, so not really part of the palm) but did ribbing on the first 14 stitches for the right mitten starting K1, P1 and on the SECOND 14 stitches for the left mitten ( the pattern says this) starting P1, K1. This way the “edge” of the ribbing is always a knit stitch and it makes sewing the ribbing flap a little easier.

The next pair I make, I may shorten up the rest of the hand above the “slit”, since my first pair were a little long.

Happy Knitting :XX: :XX: