Flip Top Mittens pattern question

I’m knitting the Flip Top Mittens that KellyK made.

I’m at the point where I just finished binding off the 1x1 ribbing palm stitches.

The directions say: Bind off the 1x1 ribbing palm stitches. (1 stitch left when this is done) On the next row, cast on 14 stitches and continue knitting the hand of the mitten…

So, I can’t do what I believe is called the long tail cast on? I have
1 strand of yarn.

Can someone verify that I do the other slow method of cast on?

Thanks for reading,

Do whatever cast you you’re most comfortable with that can be done with one strand.

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You can either do a quick slip cast on or you can do a knit cast on. Both are easy to do with only one strand.