Fliker vs Photobucket

I want to set up an online photo account so as to easily share photos of my firend’s wedding this past weekend.
Which do you all like better Fliker or Photobucket? Or is there another service also available that I should consider?


I like Photobucket. No special reason. :shrug:

I am a fan of photobucket. my geeky republican (every good liberal should have a republican) tells me i am out of my mind and that Flickr is far superior. I have an account there but i don’t see anything there that would sway me from photobucket.

at this point the only thing i can see that would make me at least start using the flickr account is that ravelry program not being compatible to photobucket. but since i don’t have an account on ravelry yet i will stay where i am. :slight_smile:

I personally use Photobucket (I didnt know about Flickr when I set it up) but in all honesty the answer should be which ever is:

a) more suited to your personal taste
b) works for you.

There are lots of services out there. Just go to Google and type in Photo Sharing and watch what comes up.

My suggestion: Take the promo tour of Flickr, Photobucket, and maybe Dropshots (another free service) and see which one you like the best and go with it.

I like Flickr, but, for no special reason… it was just the first one I came across when I wanted to start sharing.

I’m sure if I upgraded to a paid account I might worry more about the details, but it seems to me all the free ones do mostly the same things.

I’m a huge fan of Flickr.

It’s been a few years (maybe 4) since I’ve used photobucket, but, from my experiences it was very unreliable. I’d often get errors and my bandwidth would run out too fast and my pictures would end up being blocked. At the time I was using it the website was FULL of ads and I remember the layout being very not-so-aesthetically pleasing. I’d imagine things have changed since then.

I was introduced to Flickr by a photographer friend. My first impression was that everything was clean and easy to navigate. While I still had upload limitations my pictures never turned into the “excessive bandwidth usage” image. I found Flickr to be very community oriented with a wide range of users. From point-and-shooters to professional photographers. I’ve since upgraded to a pro account ($24.95/year).

Flickr does a great job of resizing your photos. I remember photobucket would really change the quality of the images I would upload. Flickr keeps your pictures as clean as they are originally.
In Flickr, choosing the “medium” size is the perfect height and width for posting pictures on the knittinghelp.com forums (the longest edge will be 500 pixels).
It’s easy to print out pictures through Flickr (I just had a bunch of mine printed and they turned out awesome). There are other options as well, you can easily make calendars, posters, or books of your pictures (I’ve already made 3 books! Imagine a whole book of your FO’s!). You can even turn them into postage stamps.

There are great systems for tagging and organizing your photos and there are four levels of viewing ‘privacy’. Flickr allows other members to comment on your photos as well as letting you see how “popular” your picture is based on how many views your image gets, how many comments, how many people add your image as a favorite… there’s also an interesting-ness formula… not too sure how it works but it’s cool.

Can you tell how much I love flickr? =)


Okay. :rofl: There’s a nifty little tool called ‘notes’. It lets you put … well, notes on your image. Instead of adding a caption that says “Malabrigo. From left to right: solymar, pink frost, velvet grapes” You can actually put little ‘invisible’ boxes on your image… so people can just mouse-over a certain cake of yarn and a little text block will pop up and say “amber gold”… I think this might only work with other flickr users, though.

I think that’s enough for now! If anyone wants more reasons to use flickr just send me a message. :happydance:

I’ve used Photobucket for a long time, and never had any trouble with it, but it was a real pain to have to resize every single file I uploaded just about.

I just recently made an account with Flicker, with apprehension because I loathe Yahoo deeply. but I am surprised and happy. The ‘different sizes’ feature is really quite handy.

If you don’t often have pictures larger than 500x500, then you don’t need that feature, but the photos off my camera are on the largish size which are most of what I upload. Also, the little Flicker program that you can download also comes in use, since it lets you simply right click - send to Flicker. I’ve also found it to upload quicker that way, than if you try and do it in broswer. PhotoBucket might have a similar program, but I do not know.

Given the fact that both are free, why not make an account with both? The worst thing that might happen is I believe you have to make a Yahoo Email address with Flicker, but no one says you have to activate it, or use it. I’ve never used mine (Gmail >>> Everything else). As for the ads on Photobucket… they are really bad about this, but I’ve got an Ad-blocker program on Firefox, so I don’t have to see any of them.

Really? That’s weird. Photobucket is WAY more popular than Flickr or other services.

I have a Flickr, it does what I need it to do. I’ve never tried Photobucket.

I use them both, for different things.

The Flickr terms of use require that when you post your photos elsewhere (like on your blog) they must link back to the Flickr photo page. So for things like site graphics or buttons that need to link to other pages, I use Photobucket. But I do luuuurve Flickr – the notes feature is awesome! I find it to be less cumbersome than Photobucket to deal with in general. The interface is cleaner, and I just like the look of it better. :smiley:

Really? That’s weird. Photobucket is WAY more popular than Flickr or other services.

I have a Flickr, it does what I need it to do. I’ve never tried Photobucket.[/quote]

well i don’t know that to be true, i was just reading their FAQs and it only mentioned Flickr not PB. :shrug:

Picasa Web Albums! (picasaweb.google.com)

I use Picasa to organize my digital pictures on my computer, and using Web Albums allows me to just click a couple of buttons and upload to the internet. It makes everything really easy, you don’t have to go searching for file names, or install “third-party” software. You start off with 1GB of space (they claim it’s 4000 photos), and you can upload videos too! And (so far) there isn’t any limit on how much you can upload in a week/month/whatever

I’ve also used Flickr, and it’s good because I have a Yahoo account, but I didn’t like it all that much. I uploaded 5 pictures, then they were all “Buy a premium account if you want to do any more this month!” No thanks!

NOTE: I am a total :heart: google :heart: fangirl.

ETA: Web Albums also lets you download your photos as an album. I can’t find any way to do that on Flickr.

I prefer photobucket because I can upload my pictures to the boards.

Oh dear, I didn’t realise Flicker is so weird about linking… I’ve only ever used trusty Right click - Copy Image Location - Place in img tags method for posting pictures on my account.

Yeah, that’s something I get confused about…
Flickr makes it easy to post a picture, you choose a size and then there are little boxes underneath the image and you just copy and paste the code.
The strange thing is… is that they offer two versions of the code, one makes the picture a link back to where it is on your flickr (which is the way they request it to be), and the other is just the plain location that you would have to manually enter into img tags.

I’ve done the manual way many times without any problems or repercussions, but, I’ve recently started using the linked code ‘cause it raises my images’ popularity and interestingness. :eyebrow:

i use www.kodakgallery.com, very easy to use!

Hi! - it’s Casey from Ravelry.

We’ll be providing other ways for people to add photos when we open to the public. We know that some of you use Photobucket and we want you to be happy. We chose to start with Flickr for two reasons:

  1. It’s the best photo service from an integration point of view - the way we tie in with Flickr is nice (in my opinion ;)) and we wish that all services were as open and flexible as Flickr. This why there are all sorts of great tools and applications for Flickr users.

  2. It’s the most popular among our users. At least so far. We had to pick one for starters and about 2/3 of users would prefer to use Flickr over anything else.

I recently set up an account with Flickr, and when I copy and paste the code here, it doesn’t show an image, just the code with a few wonky links. :shrug: I found out that I actually prefer Flickr, but I can’t really use it.

I had that happening too. I figured it out! (well my super smart computer lovin hubby figured it out for me:heart:) When you copy the picture location from flickr there is something added at the end here is the location of one of my pictures:

The [I][B]?v=0[/B][/I] shouldn’t be there on the end. Our forum needs the picture to stop at .jpg. If you insert the picture and before you close the box delete the[B] [I]?v=0[/I][/B], your picture will show up in the post just like this:

Yeah - Flickr doesn’t provide easy access to pasteable links like Photobucket. This bookmarklet is pretty cool, you just drag it to your bookmark bar, click it when you are on a Flickr page, and it displays image links for each photo on the page. It’s also got a few tricks and can display bbcode and other things…


Thanks, Amanda!