FLIES! Driving us crazy!

In the hot summer months here, .we get FLIES that just drive us NUTS.

Everywhere…and no matter how hard we try, we cant get rid of them!

Does anyone have good old fashioned remedys to keep them out of the house or away from it alltogether?

Last night I just bleached out my trash cans…we scoop our pups poo…no open food…

We’ve done sticky fly traps…no good.

My neighbors use these bags with a chemical in them that you add water too, and hang them up, it draws the flys IN…but DH said that attracts even more.

Last summer we tried the bags of water over the doors…but really didnt see much change.

Im going nuts with the swatter! :doh:

They’ve gotten so bad at work. We just use the sticky fly paper in a lot of the rooms and that’s about it. The dogs like to hunt them :roll:

Yes, I have one! :eyebrow:

Fill a sandwich-sized Ziploc bag about half-full with water. Tape to the top of an open door frame.

Don’t ask me WHY this works, but it does! When we were on vacation at the Oregon Coast, all the shopkeepers had done this, and none of them had any flies! :shrug: Something about it kept the flies away, even though the doors were open all day. Weird, huh?

DOH! Didn’t finish reading that–you tried it! Sorry. :pout: I’ve never done it myself. Wonder if there’s a special trick to it?

Ive read varying reports on its success. We tried it last year, with no noticable change.

But…I also read that you have to change the water out every week.

Some people say put a penny in it.

I dunno. :shrug: Ill have to give it another shot I suppose. It cant hurt…

Come to think of it, I think some of them did have a penny. Wonder what that’s about? :teehee:

Hope you figure something out!

Papergirl, I have trouble with flies, sometimes, too. I don’t have screens on my downstairs windows, so I try to close the shutters on the kitchen window when I cook (the window is right next to the stove), and do the other things you mentioned. It seems to help. I think they want to cool off or something. :think: I learned the hard way about blocking them out when I cook. When I was first in this house, I’d left something cooking on the stove, left the window wide open, and had gone upstairs. When I came down to check it, it was like the Amityville Horror. :twisted:

Okay, I HAVE to know why this works!!! :mrgreen: Somebody please tell me!!!

I have a flying insect spray (says it’s chemical free, has a nice lavender smell)…I think it might kill them eventually but you don’t get instant results :??

I hate flies :evil:

We live pretty much in the woods… they come right up to our house… so besides racoons and deer making a mess of our yard we put up with bugs too… in the summer our bathroom reminds me of a camping trip…every morning I have to wipe it down to get rid of the bug guts that have decided to smash into our walls or shower… anyways we have flies and I went to my local hardware and asked them what can I do cause well the sticky stuff just wasn’t cutting it… they had a kit… came with a container, natural mix, and a hanging tie… You mix the stuff up and then just hang the container up (we put it up in the woods away from the house)… it is amazing how many flies you will catch in a day… it’s something like fly trap or fly bait…we don’t have one up right now… I need to pick another up though…

Yes, those bags with chemicals really DO attract more flies, plus they are really nasty when you have to dispose of them. I have a ton of flies in my yard this year too.

A friend of mine had a kennel, so of course there were always too many flies around.

He bought (or made) a ‘big stinky’ :teehee: which basically is a jar with holes in the top and a piece of meat in the bottom. He hung it away from the house and the flies piled in after the rotten meat. Within a day or two it would be half full. They could get in, but not out.

You might want to google and see if I described it correctly. I’m sure about the meat, but not positive as to how he prevented the flies from leaving.

I just did a quick search, and you can buy the jar with a liquid, but meat works, too.

Ive seen how to make that thing…you cut a soda bottle in half, turn the top half upside down, put it in the bottom half, stick the meat in the bottom half, and hang it up.

Maybe its just me…but I dont wanna hang stinky meat up near my house. :ick:

Ive scrubbed both my city owned trashcans with bleach…and it seems to have helped a tiny bit.

But not much. :nails: In the meantime…we are all going in and out the front door. They seem to not hang out there as much. :roflhard:

Flies can smell bad meat from far away, so you could probably trap them far from the house without smelling the stink.:ick:

I’ve heard the flies are worse than usual this year, at least in my area. I wish I had a good solution for you.