Flickr images not showing up

I tagged two photos of my first ever completed dishcloth with “knittinghelp” but the photos aren’t showing up on the photowall…

Cast off went off a bit wonky early…

Nice finish - very colorful!!


Thanks…but cheap Red Heart yarn lol. I slightly did the cast-off wrong early.

About two minutes ago, I added two FO’s to knittinghelp-fo tag…but they aren’t showing up just yet either. It doesn’t happen instantaneously…but they will show up!

knittinghelp-fo photowall is used to display your finished objects

I’ve added my pets to knittinghelp-pets.

And new yarn to knittinghelp-stash.

I didn’t see your rainbow dishcloth yet either. Hopefully soon!

Click the link in my signature to see how to post images from Flikr. Yours are too large so choose a smaller size, too. :thumbsup:

They look great!

I’m on a Ubuntu laptop so too difficult to resize my photos, so I don’t want to post them on the forums, just tagged them to show up on the photowall. Does the photo size matter for the photowall, too?

You don’t need to resize them on Flikr. Just select the smaller one that is resized by them. Here’s a sample of what I mean. I always upload no larger than 800x600 although usually 640x480 appx. As you can see from the example it shows that you can choose a size before selecting the link.

If you prefer not to post photos that’s fine. Just know that some people prefer to view them here rather than click links to have to see something. Up to you though. :wink:

No, it doesn’t.

One of the things I like about Flickr is they re-size for you, but allow you to use different options when the time comes.

Thanks. I’m in Colorado visiting my boyfriend so using my old laptop that has Ubuntu on it, getting photos off my Nikon D40 is enough of an aggravation, not even sure if the software on this O/S has a resize option. My desktop puter at home has Lightroom etc.