Flickering Flames Lace Pattern


I was wondering… the Flickering Flames Lace Skirt on Elann…

Is there a FLAT version of the lace? (ie: not knitted in the round?)

Any and all help appreciated!

I was looking at the diretions for knitting the flames pattern here and I think that since all of the “even” rounds are K around, to do it flat, ou could probablly follow the exact same directions, except PURL on all of the even rows.

Try a swatch, and see if that works!

I did that… but the edges are wavy… not good for flat knitting :frowning:

Hmmmmm :??

breaking out the stitchionary

What if you added a seed stitch border, like 3-5 stitches wide?

MTL, are you going to seam it togther on the sides??


I’d like to make it into a little bolero/shrug thing for while I"m in hospital :smiley: