Flex needles

Flex needles–what are they exactly? I bought a pair thinking that I was buying circulars…

I think they’re used to knit flat, but the cable on the end helps the weight of the knitting rest in your lap so you’re not holding the needles up. Kind of line knitting flat with circs.

weird. :??

I’ve you’ve ever knit anything on long straights, the weight at the ends of the needles gets cumbersome after a while, so this is an alternative. I suppose they can be used as very long straights, too.

i have them and like them…the deal that i like about them is that there isn’t that unpleasant long needle getting in the way of my arms. they feel like a circ in your hand but they are separate. i only have a few pairs but they are nice.

but i still mostly just use the circs.

sounds nice–I do use long straights and I can see where it’d be nice for them to be a little less heavy–most of my projects have been smaller so I probably haven’t experienced it quite like you’re describing. I’ll try them and see what I think.

I have some. They are a little annoying, but useful for certain things.