Fleegle Toe-up Sock

My user name is Ellen, but my name is Trudy. Hoping I can post a picture of this sock I’ve started on magic loop. I’ve had a lot of problems with it for some reason–but I’ve not knitted for awhile. That’s the main problem! It’s not much yet–but it’s something…
Trudy :teehee:

You’re doing great! One of these days I want to learn how to knit toe-up socks. That seems like a very practical way of doing it!

You’ve got a great looking sock toe there! Your stitches look perfect, and I love the color. Can’t wait to see the finished sock.

Great beginning on a wonderfully colored sock. Welcome back to knitting and to KH! If you’re this far along it won’t be long before we see the finished sock.

Very beautiful! Welcome back!!!

Oops, sorry about calling you Ellen, Trudy! That looks like a great start on the sock! I’ve heard of Fleegle in relation to booties…does she have a sock pattern, too?

Oooh I really love this color. You are doing a great job! I lived in VA Beach twice when my husband was stationed at NAS Oceana then aboard the USS Kennedy. It is a lovely part of the country.

Shore is nice so far!!!

great start, I love toe up socks, just finished pair five, I make two at a time using two circs

Love the colour

Socks are such fun to make, light and portable, great for putting in handbag to while away the time, anytime you have to wait about