Fleegle heel help

Having nothing but problems with a current sock project. Trying to figure out the fleegle heel. They’d be gift socks so can’t have recipient try them on. How do you figure out when to start fleegle heel based on stitch/Row count or shoe size minus negative ease etc?

Always good to hear from you, X.
That’s a great question, as usual. The directions to try on the sock and start the heel at the ankle won’t work if you don’t have the correct foot handy.
See if this article helps. It uses some measurements in inches on a template. You may not have a template but perhaps you can come close by adjusting from your own foot? It’s going to be an estimate at any rate.

Hope 2016 is a better year, busy but maybe not so tough.

Thanks for the quick reply! That’s definitely a helpful site, and I see she’s got other posts with related tips so will check them out. Who knows, might even be back on track this weekend.