fleece on a knitted hat

Hi, I am a new knitter and I just completed knitting a hat (though I have not sewn the sides together yet. I was thinking of backing the hat with some fleece to make it extra warm from the wind. What would be the best way to do this? I was thinking sewing fleece to the hat would not work cause the stitches would show. What do you think about hot glue around the edges of the fleece to the hat?

Thank you!

I guess hot glue might work if you never had to wash the hat. If the yarn is acrylic the hot glue might melt it…not sure. I think I’d just tack it carefully to the inside.

Next time you want to make really warm hat you can make a double hat. There are very simple patterns that don’t require actual double knitting. It’s basically 2 hats together.

Yes, I like the idea of the double hat. I’m about to try this pattern to use up some worsted weight yarn.

Here’s one method for attaching fleece. It seems like a reasonable approach.

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