Fleece backing on a scarf

Does anybody know how to sew a fleece backing on a scarf done in stockinette stitch. I recently bought a skein of camoflauge yarn that looks best done in stockinette stitch. The yarn is washable wool and I’m going up two needle sizes.

I’ve been thinking of doing a scarf in the round as a tube. You could put the fleece in the center and sew it in as you closed the ends of the tube.

Random thought lets see some other ideas.

Hey Chris,

Thanks for the suggestion. I never would have thought of that. I know that stockinette stitch curls, so I thought about going up in needle size for less tension. If I backed the scarf with polar fleece, it might have enough stiffness to prevent further curling. I thought about cutting a piece of fleece just shy of the edge stitch and then sewing it in place. This will probably create a ridge, but that’s allright. I guess I’ll make a swatch first before committing to an entire scarf. I do like the inside lining idea for extra warmth tho. Hmmm…

If you do a lined tube you have the benefit of being able to use a larger needle and looser knit, camo on both sides and still have a wind resistant warm scarf.

Lets see pictures of the progress.