Fleece Artist socks

So…these are the socks I knit up from a skien of 1/2 price Fleece Artist seconds from my LYS.

I believe the color is called ‘Cosmic Dawn’ and there was a bit of color difference between socks but thats ok. I had a problem with the pattern I used (the gusset area was too tight) and ended up frogging a fair amount and adding several extra stitches, but I feel much more experienced now.In the end they were slightly tight, but after wearing them around for a day or two they are as comfortable as can be!cloud9

Those look great. It’s funny isn’t it, you learn more when you have to figure things out and make corrections than if you just get to follow a pattern. :slight_smile: I like the cosmic color.

Oh they’re great! How was the Fleece Artist to knit with? I love the look and feel, but I’ve never knit with it.

Very nice job!

The Fleece Artist was wonderfull to work with! I am just starting another pair of socks using a super cheap acrylic/nylon blend and the difference is almost, well, shocking.

they look great!!

Awesome socks!!!

They look fantastic - great job! :muah:

Those look great!:thumbsup:

They look great, and would match a pair of pants I’m making (sewing). My address is . . .:slight_smile:

Congrats!!! You did a great job!

They look great! Love the yarn.

:happydance: They look great!!

They look great!

Nice job on the socks! :slight_smile:

It makes spending the $$$$$ for nice sock yarn all the more tempting!:wink: