Flaum Knitting pattern

Thank you for this forum!
I am knitting the Flaum sweater pattern and in the pattern the designer tells you to start with K1 every time it tells you to knit the 1x1 rib. I have already ripped this out once as it looks like seed stitch and not what the photo shows. After the set up row and on to row 1 after the M1Ll I start the 1x1 rib with a K1 and the stitch is a purl, it doesn’t look correct. Should I follow the stitches and not start the 1x1 with a K1 in these areas?
Thanks for the help!


It looks like there may be a slip stitch edge on the cardigan? Regardless, you’ve correct about following the stitches. You want columns of knits and purls.