Flat top hat?

I want to end my hat with a pretty flat top. I’m not sure how to transition? Any ideas from you designers out there?

Define flat…so it is shaped like this (in a profile view)?

Yes, not quite as drastic a decrease on the main part, but the top flat like that yes.

Do you have the Knitter’s Handy Book of Patterns by Ann Budd? There is a section on tams which have fairly (but not completely) flat tops.

No I don’t. Tams, huh? I can look up some patterns now that I have a better idea what to look for.

I am so lazy. I don’t wanna look for patterns online. WHAAAAAA! Oh well, I’m not there yet, so it isn’t that important.

Here’s one I happened to have bookmarked. Haven’t knit it, but it looks pretty flat on top.

I can’t always count on you ladies to enable my laziness!


Here’s another one!

If you were knitting in the round, I think when you start flattening the top, you just need to make sure your decreases result in a flat circle instead of a very concave one…(like K2tog, K3repeat. I just made that up…)

If you were knitting flat, maybe you could knit a circle (flat or slightly concave - with a larger radius of curvature) separately and then join it on to the base of the hat you’ve got now. (Like the Tam style).

Hope my comment is helpful!!?

I’m going to have to try a few different things, I think to figure it out. Thank you all so much for the ideas!