Flat stranded knitting

I need to knit some flat stranded knitting, but I can’t work out how to manage the colours at the ends of the rows to get a neat result. For once my Reader’s Digest guide has let me down!

Do you carry all colours to the edge then carry them up the side?

One option would be to add steek stitches and knit it in the round, and then cut it after reinforcing the steek. Easier with proper wooly wool, less so with superwash yarn. You also get out of stranding on the reverse which sounds tricky!!
If that’s too much, them yes, carry to the edge. Whether you carry them up the side depends on how many colours you have and how far they have to travel. If high numbers on both aspects, it’s worth breaking the yarn. You’re likely to need an edge treatment anyway so the ends or carried strands can be hidden in this (as can the steek if you decide on that option!)

This may help!

It’s for something that can’t be steeked, unfortunately. I wonder if twisting the yarn intarsia style on the last stitch of a colour in the row might help.

I remember lots of stranded patterns knitted flat in the 80s but can’t seem to find any of my older books that might explain it.

Hmm, on second thoughts, I think you are right that carrying to the edge and up the side would be best. I’ll give it a try!

I think you’d get more even tension taking it to the edge. Also, if you stopped early in the row, you’d have to be sure you didn’t need that colour early in the following row! You’d probably need an edge finishing anyway? That would hide the carried yarn.

Yes, good point. I think that is where I fell down last time I tried this!

I saw a tutorial on “10 rows a day” with all sorts of ways to carry colours up the side so I will experiment to see what works.