Flat pattern being knit into a sock

So Peapod eyelets pattern …. I’d like to knit into a sock using a magic loop and only doing pattern on the top of the sock until after the heel. Do I do the even rows (I.e what would be the purl rows normally) as knit rows following instructions using knit instead of purl or is it more complicated than that. Any help appreciated

It’s do-able but it’s a little more complicated than just substituting knits for purls. You’ll have to watch the direction of the decreases and the yarn overs. Since the RS in the round will be facing you that should be fairly straightforward.
Good luck with it and be sure to post a photo when you finish!

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Oh, this makes me wonder about the P2tog. Would a SSK tog lean the correct way?

You’re right to question that. K2tog and p2tog lean the same way. SSK and p2tog tbl will lean the same way.

Well thanks guys for help but I decided to look to see if anyone had written a book about this….yeah Wendy Bernard has done just that and I’m on it…… Up, Down, all around. It’s just perfect for what I need! And I’ve started already!


Very nice beginning. Enjoy working the sock and thanks for the book recommendation.

Two cheers for toe up socks!
(Because a third would be odd!)


@OffJumpsJack is there no end to your knitting jokes? Ha ha.

@Jujubabyfr The sock looks fab, must feel really good to have an idea and work it out.


Awe, tired of them already? Yep, they are as frequent as tangled yarn from a center pull skein or ball. Sometimes just as welcome too. :expressionless: :smirk: