Flat knot?

I am trying to knit a pattern with what is called a FLAT KNOT. The instructions read: “Purl 3 tog., yo, then purl the same three stiches tog. again.” This makes no sense to me. How can I purl the same three stiches together again when they have already been purled together to make one stitch? Could anyone possibly help me to make this understandable? I am a very slow learner. Thanks so much for any help.

Purl 3 tog, [I]leave the sts on the left needle[/I], YO then purl again and move them off. You’ll have 3 sts on the right needle.

Please forgive me if I am being a little thick here but I end up with [I]two [/I]stitches on the right hand needle. The [I]yo one [/I]and the one that had the [I]three stitches purled together that became one![/I]. Am I missing something very elementary?
Thanks for the help.

Sue is right, there will be three. You purl the three together but don’t take them off the left needle (LN). That puts one new loop on the right needle (RN) Do the yarn over. That adds a stitch (you should have a YO strand on the RN next to the first loop), total 2 now. Then purl the three stitches together again, adding one more loop to the RN, then let the 3 stitches off the LN.

Thank you so much…I think that I am FINALLY getting it. I should have practiced actually doing it instead of trying to picture it.
Thanks for the patience.

I’m glad you’ve got it. I’m not good at picturing things either, that’s why I keep plenty of needles and yarn right next to my computer. :slight_smile: I’ve got to do it!

Oh yes, with some of these sts it’s much better to follow the instructions with the yarn and needles in your hand than trying to visualize it in your head. It makes more sense when you can actually do it.