flat knitting for simple wrap too wide - how do I fix? Steek?


New to the forum and relatively new knitter…I made a very simple stockinette wrap - basically a rectangle and then the sides partially stitched together for form arm holes. I cast on too many stitches in the beginning and the wrap is too wide…is it possible to fix this? If this were a woven item I would just cut off and even amount on either side and re-sew. This would need to be a vertical fix for my knitting and not horizontal.

So bummed… but I learn something new with every mistake so hopefully I can learn how to salvage this one.

Appreciate any and all input.
Thank you.

Welcome to the forum!
So disappointing. Can you tell us the name of the pattern if you used one? How much too wide is the rectangle?

And if I can ask, did you make a gauge swatch before starting the project?

Hello! Thank you so very much! I am thrilled to have found the forum. Here is the backstory - as embarrassing as it is. . .

The pattern is a very simple one by Lion Brand called Fisherman’s Wool Speckled Shrug #90690AD

I made one for my mother-in-law last year and her daughter went crazy over it. So, I thought I would finish the one I started for myself and give it to her for her birthday which of course is this month. When I started the one for myself, I changed the ribbing to a seed stitch pattern so that the drape was a little more loose and I threw in a purl row every so often so the overall garment would have a subtle stripe effect. I really love how it turned out. But, I should known better than to get fancy and change things - especially being so new. The total knit ended up being 46" wide and it only should be 38".

I appreciate any and all advice you can provide. I’ve been brainstorming on the best way to salvage this but am stumped. And maybe unwilling to accept that it can be salvaged.

Thank you, again, so very much for your advice and time.

Oops…I am sorry I forgot to answer the last question. . .on this one I did not make a gauge swatch. I was using the same yarn and needle size and for sizing when you see the pattern it can fit almost all sizes.

I see what you mean about size and the first one was effectively a gauge swatch.
At first I though you might turn back a cuff on each side but that would be too bulky given the way the pattern folds.
A steek or two (one on each side) may be your best bet. Sew a line or two of thread, preferably by machine and then cut and turn under a small hem. That’ll finish off the armhole and the side seams. It needs to be a firm line or two of stitching especially if you used an acrylic yarn. Wool tends to felt a bit and set the cut strands.

Thank you! I used Fisherman’s wool so that should help with the felting over time.

Would you do a zig zag stitch?

Does this plan make sense?

  • run a machine stitch up both sides evenly
  • cut the excess knitting
  • finish the sides by seaming as normally with knitting
  • maybe an applied i-cord finish around the arm hole?

I am so grateful for your time and allowing me to bounce a plan for your opinion. At this point, the wrap is really unusable…so trying something new at best case will work great and at worst case I learn more about knitting.

I’ve only used a back stitch in two lines on either side of the cut (4 lines total). A small zigzag should work.
Here are a few tutorials:

Your plan sounds good and you can see if you want the I cord when the steek is finished. Because it’s stockinette, it may curl the trim to the inside anyway.

Thank you soooooo very much for your help and sending the videos and sources. Fingers crossed I can execute this neatly. Thanks again!