Flare of a dress--What happens?

Wondering aloud here:
So, for an A-line I know that increases are done evenly spaced for the gradual flare, but what happens if you increases close together near the waist and then more spaced out as you get closer to the bottom? What are the different effects you can create when knitting a dress? I certainly plan to experiment when time allows (after Christmas) but if anyone can answer my questions I’d greatly appreciate it.


Increases near the waist should give hip space and gradual spaced out ones throughout the rest should maintain more of a subtle flare.I would be careful not to create too baggy of an increase near the hips, since it might be kind of shapeless.More modern cuts are tighter around the hips and waist.

I would highly suggest doing a little math with your stitches per inch to create a fabric (maybe two pieces sewn together for the total skirt?) If you need help creating the pattern there are plenty of sewing pattern generators.I’m sure you could find a skirt one and a bodice, unless you’re thinking of doing more of a mod dress or something more elaborate.You could simply calculate what stitches per inch and rows you would need to create the fabric of the same size.

Thank you. Right now I am doing a basic A-Line for my daughter but while I was working the flare I started wondering what the possibilities were for other styles. I will check out the programs you mentioned.