Flappin Heel... :evil:

Ok, I’m working on the Boot Camp Sock and I’m confused. I just don’t know where to start the heel flap. I have my sts on 2 needles and I’m supposed to have my stitch holder (which marks the beginning of the row of my sock) on the back needle.

No problem. That means that I have my first 30 sts on the back needle and my last 30 sts on the front needle. I’m supposed to work on the heel flap on the back needle.

Problem now identified!!! My working yarn is on the LEFT side!!! (at the end of the row, that is).

My stitch holder is placed after the first stitch, which you can see in my picture.

Please tell/show me what I have to do.

I’m no expert here, BUT BELDIE, each of those needles has exactly the same amount of stitches? Right? Well, to make that flap, you’re going to have to knit row, turn, etc. Why not just make the one where the yarn is the heel flap one?


PS Was glad to hear you were okay.

Okay, changing tactics. I’ve been to a few other sites and, despite what “Mark says”, I believe I’m supposed to do the following:

start heel flap on last stitch and work “backwards” (which will take me to stitch 31)
turn, etc

this also means that i will purl/slip combo on my first row of the heel flap
knit the second row
rinse/repeat for desired length

Sooo, in my picture, I will start at stitch 60, which is the new back needle, and I should be good…

Am I right???

Beldie - sounds right to me. Not sure about that “rinse” part. But yeah just start your slipping, purling, knitting stuff now. Make sure you slip knit-wise - I think.


Okay, thanks for the confirmation Jouf. I’ve started it, so I’ll see how it goes.

Did it work?

Looks good so far. I’m ready to start on the heel now.

Heel is finished. I start the gusset stuff tomorrow. Bedtime for Beldie.

Sweet dreams

Gusset is finished and now working on the length of the foot. Yay!!!

I was making these socks for my husband, but I don’t think they’re going to fit :frowning: On that note, I’m not sure if they’ll even fit me. Mark has wierd feet.

Beldie, you should email him…there’s a link on his personal website. I asked him for pics of what his socks were supposed to look like when done, and he got back fairly quickly. Maybe he can offer hints & tips, and maybe an explanation regarding his weird feet.

lol, actually I think my hubby’s feet are just larger than the average male foot. Although I thought mine were okay… :thinking: I’m just going to keep knitting and see how it turns out. I can always frog it if it doesn’t fit either one of us.

you know what they say about big feet… :thumbsup:

if they’re too big, they can be really fancy golf club protectors!

I’m already making him golf club covers.

What do they say about big feet? :?eyebrow:

I knew you were going to ask that!
And I can’t wait to see the reply.