Flair by Knit and tonic question

Hi guys. I just started on Flair by Knit and Tonic and I’m on the part where it says Shape Center front.

It says at the end of the last row, using backward loop method, cast on 26 sts, turn…

Ok, now im confused. My last row was a purl row and the yarn is now in front as if to knit…do I just start right there and cast on my 26 sts?:shrug:

Thanks for ANY help

Sorry I can not be of any help but do you have pictures of your project. I bought this same pattern and am itching to knit it up.

After your turn, do they tell you to knit the next row? If so, then just cast them on, turn and knit back.

I bought this pattern too and wanted to knit it for holiday, unfortunately, i am not sure how this pattern work after pm in between the required sts.

Then I STOPPED, I don’t know how to go on.

try emailing the pattern creator. she is great about helping (i bought her drive-thru sweater pattern) You could also ask her on the flair pattern page(just scroll down and leave you question as a comment)