FL Residents... Traffic Law

Ok, I could probably look this up… but haven’t had much success in the past looking up laws…

Anyway…I was driving from Houston to Melbourne several years ago, and it seemed like I remember seeing signs to the effect of:
If it’s raining
Turn on your wipers
Turn on your lights

Is this a real recollection?

Reason I ask is, because if so, that would be sooo cool if they would do that here in Houston… silver and white are such popular colors for vehicles and even the other cars, and when you get the kickback of water during rain, you can’t see the suckers in front of you without their lights… I always turn mine on…

Seems like a normal thing people would do… but you may not have seen Houston drivers! They don’t even realize you can use that “blinker thing” to let folks know you want to change lanes… naah… too much trouble…

Yes, it is a traffic law in Fl. They often put reminders in the paper … and I remember it being on the drivers test when we moved here.

Yes; you must have your lights on when it is raining. It’s to increase visibility. It’s not an issue with me because I drive with my lights on all the time. The wipers, eh, I have intermittent wipers and so do many people so it is hard to tell if someone has their wipers off or just slow intermittent. But it is the law. Cops won’t pull you over if it is lightly sprinkling and your wipers aren’t on. They may pull you over if you don’t have your lights on though. The will ticket you if you are in a wreck and your lights and wipers weren’t on. I was in a wreck three years ago involving four cars (no one seriously injured) The only one ticketed was the college-aged girl who didn’t have her lights on. It was pouring rain and the college-aged boy who hit her didn’t see her. (I hit the two of them when the brakes on my BRAND NEW CAR didn’t work - had only had the car a week! I shoved the two of them into the fourth car) Chrysler ended up paying for a lot of the damage to all the cars and I got another brand new car out of the deal.

It is the law here in FL as it is in many other states, but they rarely enforce it. I’ve been in downpours where these morons still won’t turn on their lights.

I almost got one last year in my big rig because he was too stupid to turn on his lights. He was driving a low, dark red car and was in the lane on my left. Because he didn’t have any lights I simply could not see him in my mirror due to the heavy rain and road spray.

I started to make a lane change and just as I started to move over I thought I caught a glimpse of something in my mirror and pulled back. Sure enough he came on by me, flipping me off because he wasn’t smart enough to burn his lights in the rain.

Anyone who isn’t smart enough to turn on their lights in rain, snow, or fog, whether the law requires it or not, shouldn’t have a license to drive.

I’m absolutely amazed by the number of bozos who don’t think to turn their lights on during FOG let alone rain. I want to be seen! I’ve had too many close calls with people who didn’t think anyone couldn’t see them. Hello!?! you are driving a gray car in the gray fog with no lights on and you think I can see you? Heck, I can hardly see the line on the road let alone your gray car!

It is a law here in IL as well.

It’s the law here, too, but apparently no one knows or cares. And I agree with knittingguy, if you’re that stupid, you shouldn’t have a license. But apparently, STUPID is the new fashion trend.

Thanks for the answers!

So the moral of this story would be, even if it’s a law, the stupid people still won’t do it… :rofl: And Mason, the story you tell is exactly why I wish more people would put their lights on… Freakin’ iddyants

And yes, knitncook… those grey cars disappear in the mist!

I think the light thing is a good law, and maybe it would get at least some of these guys to do it… nooowww… if I just had some pull in Austin…

In Canada, we have DRL (daytime running lights) so it comes in handy even if most don’t drivers turn on their lights oncoming wise. However, it’s almost automatic for drivers to turn on their headlights. My vehicle will turn on automatically when it’s dark / or raining.

We have DRLs here in the States too, but we also have a lot of older vehicles out there that predate them.

It’s a traffic law here in Virginia, too.