Those fetching gloves are CURSED. I finally finished. Besides the fact that there is a huge hole in the thumb on the right hand, they are different sizes. WHY? Becuase there is an extra 6 rows on the left hand. WHY? Becuase I did an extra cable round. WHY? I HAVE NO IDEA.

Oh, and trying to undo from the cast on edge did NOT work. I’d have to frog and redo this glove for the FIFTH time. No. I am done. This is a sign. This is not the project for me.


I seriously want to cry now, that’s so rediculous though. Nearly three (four?) weeks of frogging and knitting over ad nausem, for nothing.


It is with the effort of determination that we grow into more learned individuals, be it knitting or otherwise.

May the lessons learned in your endeavor, enhance your life.

Be it known, Talula Fairie has received this day the Crown of Knitting Frustration, worn by so many before, and surely to be worn by so many after. One day to be understood as an acheivement of honor.

Carry on.

A crown of honor, thank you!!

I think I am going to take a loooooong break from these gloves. Yes.

I’m so sorry that you ran into so many knitting problems with these gloves!
I think that we all have our knitting monsters! That one project that was a big old pain in the rear!

It’s so wierd because the knitting itself is not hard. I mean, yea, it was tricky learning to use DPNs and do cables for the first time on said DPNs, but it wasn’t impossible. The littlest things have been going wrong, well, seemingly little but bad enough to throw off the whole thing. iwoejfiowejfowe.=-

Hmmm, I got a hole in the thumb on the right hand too. Not IN the thumb, but where the thumb joins with the hand. Dunno why. The first one turned out perfect. The second one…not so much.

Try doing what I do …
Throw them across the room…
no maybe just have a break from them :hug:

:muah: Sharon

This works for me, too!! Chuck them as hard as you can…go ahead, do it. You’ll feel sooo much better. :slight_smile:

Yes it really works but we dont have an emotion of a smiley throwing wool!!!

:hug: Sharon

Rather than frogging one or both, if you ever feel you can look at the gloves again, could you pick up stitches on the shorter glove and add another cable row? And you can probably use waste yarn to fill the holes.

Works for me too! :teehee: But it scares my dog.