Fixing mistakes with YOs

I am currently knitting the Worlds Easiest Baby Blanket (gotta get rid of that Homespun, here you take a blanket!), and this issue has come up when knitting washclothes as well.

The pattern is something like this:

CO 5
Knit first row
K3, yo, knit to end
repeat to X amount of stitches
Decreases: K2,k2tog, yo, k2tog,k to end
rep to 5 sts

My question is that with such a boring pattern, I am bound to forget to yo every once in a while, and I am also bound not to notice for 2-3 more rows. Unknitting is impossible as we are talking 100+ sts, and frogging causes problems with the yos unless I am super careful (and if I were super careful, would I be in this mess in the first place?)

Last night, I was successfully able to undo a missed yo about 3-4 rows down through “open knit surgery”. I dropped the sts to the left of the goof and then pulled the sts back up. The trick was that there are increases or something, so it got very confusing. It took like 1 1/2 hrs and I’m still not sure it’s right but fortunately I am using Homespun so who can tell anyway. When I was using cotton for dish clothes, you would probably be able to tell.

Is there a smooth or organized way of fixing such a mistake? Be forewarned, once you tell me, I am going to brag to my mom and all my knitting friends and pretend I figured it out on my own :slight_smile: :—

I do a lot of lace knitting and I count the number of stitches on each pattern row before continuing on to the next row. Usually if I have made a mistake I will catch it that way. Rather than frog I usuall fix it on the next row.

If I left out a YO then I mark the place it should have been and just pick up the bar between the stitches and use that for the YO. If I put a YO in where it shouldn’t have been then I just drop it off the needle. If you’ve gone beyond the next row though there isn’t much you can do except what you did.

I heartily agree with Calamintha!

I too count stitches after every 'working RS row"…BEFORE moving on with the WS resting row.

Call it a “head count”!

AND, a “head count” is easier if you use stitch markers placed every 10…OR at the beginning and end of a repeat.

If I have missed a YO…I do what Calamintha does…pick up a YO on the way back…on the WS resting row. If I have added an unnecessary YO…I drop her off…and distribute the excess into her neighbors.

Using stitch markers and taking the head count after each working RS “pattern” row saves tears and tension later on. Well worth the effort.