Fixing mistakes using circular needles


I’m trying to make a hat on circulars. I’m near the end and did 3 rows of decreases but for some reason I’m off on my counting. I also have been changing colors for stripes. How do I undo these last three rows so I can start over doing my decreases?

Thanks so much!

Ps- I’m a beginner knitter and it’s my first time doing color changes. I figured out how to do the jogless color change but maybe I messed up? I don’t know how I got off on my counting.

Have you seen the fixing mistakes section here? I would normally “unknit” in a situatio like that.

I was just looking at it but can’t figure out how you do it on circulars. I’ll check again. I don’t know how to unknit. I usually just start over and I’m so close to being done I don’t want to do that!

So to fix this by “unknitting” it…I do that thing with the crochet hook on every stitch for the last three rows until I’m back to where I want to be?

Nah - you don’t need a crochet hook to “unknit”. You’re only doing the knit st in reverse. So you put the point of your left needle into the loop that your working yarn passes through. Then push the last loop on your right needle off. You’ve just “unknit” one stitch. And you just keep doing that until you find your lost sts. It’s tedious, I know. But it beats a total frogging. :wink: Besides - I’ve made sooooo many mistakes that my “unknitting” skills are just as good as my knitting skills, so I’ve learned how to do it pretty quickly. :thumbsup:

Of course - you could just unravel your work, but that’s just a pain in the butt to have to pick up all those sts again.