Fixing Mistakes-Help

I need an explanation as to how to un-knit knit and purl stitches. I thought I knew how to do this but I always end up with twisted stitches.

I always forget how to do it too. All I do is knit a stitch slowly (or purl) and watch closely what happens. You sort of follow the yarn thru the stitch. It is hard to explain. Maybe there is a video on it here? I’m sorry i can’t be more help. Like I said i always have to sort of reason my way thru it.

If the sts end up twisted on your left needle, just turn them by hand or knit them so they untwist. When I have to rip back and put them on the needle again many of them go on twisted. It doesn’t matter as long as all of them are on the needle.

There are a few videos here if you scroll down to “fixing mistakes”.

If you look at the loops, they look like an upside-down letter U. The right-hand side of the U is the side that should be on the front of your needle. I don’t know if that makes sense. What I mean is that as the loop goes over the needle, from front to back, the right-hand side of the loop is the part you see. Clear as mud? :???: Hope this helps.

That’s what I’ve been doing. I just didn’t want to slow down. I did watch the video and learned how to knit a twisted stitch so maybe that will help. Thanks.

Hiya hun,
Here’s a video from Cat Bordhi on youtube. Hopefully it’ll work ok for ya.
She goes into the way stitches are seated on the needle and how to recognize them

I just knit mine when I put them back on the needle.

So, I was a nurse for 30+ years. In that time ran a catering company and later, a restaurant for a blessedly short time. I CANNOT GO PAST A MISTAKE! If I just knit on it’s like admitting defeat. The first thing I learned to do when learning to knit was to tink. My instructor said,“It’s an important part of the process.”

I’m glad that there are sites on the net that show newbies how to tink, and to let them know that it’s nothing to be ashamed of.