Fixing mistakes at the bottom of a piece?

I am currently knitting the back of a sweater and am nearly done. I didn’t realize until now that the ribbing I had done at the bottom of my knitting was completely messed up. I had an even number of stitches and instead of starting with a knit stitch at the beginning of a row, and purl stitch at the beginning of the next row I always started with a knit stitch. Any suggestions on how to fix this (if its possible) without undoing rows? Could I pick up stitches in the border between the pattern and the ribbing and go over it?
Thank you all in advance :slight_smile:

You could undo your cast on and pull out the ribbing rows, then knit them down and cast off.

How deep is the ‘ribbing’? (Did you end up doing seed st?) To work up from the bottom you’d need to unpick each ind st in order to get to the body, pick up live sts, and then work back down in rib. If you don’t want to do that, you can cut off your ribbing, pick up live sts of the body and then knit back down.

More info, plus perhaps a pic, might make it easier to offer sugg.