Fixing mistakes along the edge of a bias piece

This may have already been asked, but I searched and could not find it. I recently made a dishcloth afghan for my great-nephew (all knit stitches, done on the bias). Somewhere in the middle of the decrease side, I goofed up at the edge close to the yarn over, and ended up with a hole where one didn’t belong. It wasn’t a yarn-over or a dropped stitch, but I think I may have picked up a strand in my stitch or grabbed a strand from the stitch below? I don’t know how to figure out what I did and how to fix it correctly. . .I got it fixed, but it wasn’t right. I tried about 6 times, and then gave myself permission to accept that I got the hole closed and just finish the darned thing. I was really unhappy that I had the ugly fix right along the edge. I can fix mistakes anywhere else in the piece, but let me mess up in the border or right next to it where the decreases are, and I get totally lost in the stitch anatomy and can’t make it look right again to save my life!

Can someone explain the logic of 1) figuring out exactly what I did and 2) exactly how to understand what those decreases are doing and how to drop them and pick them back up correctly in a bias project?


Those are almost impossible to really fix, but you can sometimes fake it by closing the hole. Edge stitches in general are hard to correct, but bias ones are harder IMO.

At this point I’m not sure it’s possible to know what you really did. Usually it’s just something like you suggested…picking up the thread between or something like that.