Fixing mistake

I have just finished knitting this pullover, but upon unraveling the dropped stitches I came across a mistake: I don’t know exactly what happened, but I somehow have two live stitches (one on the front and one on the back) in the left armpit. They are a part of the column of twisted stockinette that borders the dropped stitch ladders, so they are definitely not supposed to be dropped! They are sitting right at the top of what is supposed to become the side seam.

What do I do to fix this, short of frogging the entire sleeve?

Is there a way to bind off the two stitches and hide them in the seam?

You could probably bind them off as they’ll fall into the underarm seam. Alternatively, when I find an odd dropped stitch, I thread a length of yarn through it and secure it to the loop between the 2 sts on either side, then weave in the ends of the yarn length. It’s unnoticeable that way too. Maybe joining them as something like a k2tog with the length of yarn would help minimize them before securing them.

Thank you so much! So what I ended up doing is grafting the side seam from the bottom up, then when I reached the top, I pulled the two live stitches to the back, used the tail from the grafting to k2tog, then weaved it in.

There’s a slight bump visible from the right side, but the underarms of the sweater have kind of an odd look to them anyway, as it’s knit in one piece from cuff to cuff, with one dropped stitch column starting at one cuff, going up along the bottom of one arm, then spreading across the chest and back, and finally going down along the bottom of the other arm. So the underarm is basically three dropped stitch columns meeting with a triangular gap in the center.

Glad you worked it out. It’s a very pretty and unusual use of cables and drop sts.