Fixing mistake - picked up a stitch

My raglan sweater has markers on both sides of sleeves and markers denoting a pattern area mid-back. At the sleeve markers, I make a stitch on either side of the marker by kfb. Where I went wrong, was I knitted f & b at one of the back markers also. I didn’t notice until many, many rows later. Since it’s mid-back, it’s really obvious. I pulled out that stitch column (didn’t frog the entire thing), but now have really bad ladder of threads. Anyone have a suggestion on how to fix that – i.e. take up that slack? Or is frogging my only solution? I had thought of maybe re-creating the extra -stitch and k2tog/p2tog with the stitch next to it all the way back up. Do you think that would work with out being obvious?
Thanks in advance.

It might, but I’d just shake the sweater around. It sounds silly, but a single extra stitch will usually “resorb” into the rest of the work.