fixing loose knitting

Hi everyone,

I was working on a baby cardigan and dropped a few stitches. It went down a few rungs but I got the stitches back on. However, while I was doing this I stretched the stitches a lot (i couldn’t quite get a hang of the method the first time) with my crochet hook. I went on to work a lot more rows, but when I look at this small section where I had dropped my stitches, it’s visible since the stitches are a lot looser.

Is there any way I can go back and tighten these stitches so they look good? It’s a pity to have the cardigan ruined by a a few unsightly stitches.

Thanks in advance.

Have you tried stretching the knitting lengthwise and widthwise? This helps with taking up extra yarn as may washing and blocking especially if there’s not too much loose yarn.
You can also use the point of a tapestry needle to gently pull the yarn into the flanking sts on each side, the way you might repair a snag in a sweater. Do this for one or two or even more sts on each side of the loose ones. The idea is redistribute the extra yarn, a little bit to each stitch so that you don’t have any loose yarn left.