Fixing holes in my felting project

My first attempt at knitting was to make this patchwork tote bag:

All was going well until I disregarded the direction that said to “weave in remaining loose ends.” I merely tied the ends together where they met.

Well, I felted it last night and this was the result:

My question now is do I use wool to stitch it and finish felting it or sew it?

Thank you,

I would take wool yarn, thread it into a needle and make whip stitches where there are holes, using the same color as the blocks having the holes, making sure to make the block look as close to it’s original shape as possible, then refelt it and watch it closely.

***Be sure to weave it loosely, so when it felts again it won’t draw too tight!

It is very pretty, where did you find the pattern?

What a shame. Love the pattern. I would so as mwhite said.

Thank you, mwhite. I appreciate the “loosely” comment too - I’ll post the final product and see how I do.

Maniago, the pattern was found on Ravelry which led me to here. I changed some of the colors when the shop I went to did not have the colors as in the pattern.

I thought this was a great first project and now see the importance of weaving the threads back into the project. It was daunting to me though to be “done” with the project and then need to weave in forty threads! Lesson learned. I’ll always weave in the threads from now on.

Well, it worked! I was able to fix the holes by knitting loosely with an adjoining color. I felted it for an additional 20 minutes (I had stopped after 15 minutes of felting the other night).
Side 1

Side 2

Thanks for your words of advice. I love the internet! L

That bag is sooo cute! Looks like you did an excellent repair job too.

:woohoo: :cheering: :woot: :yay: TA DA!!! It did work and you’ve done a great job! :muah: Mary