Fixing errors in Magic Loop Knitting

I am knitting 2 pair of socks on one 40" circular needle. Things were going real well until this morning. I knew I had just finished Sock B; however with Sock A the cable was in the front with the working yarn and my needle was in the back. I have tried reversing the piece but that doesn’t work. Will it hurt anything it I knit on the front needle with the working yarn coming out from the front needle instead of the back needle? I just wish I knew what I did. If I finish this row with the working yarn on the front needle when I go to knit the reverse side will my working yarn be in the proper position (yarn coming off the cable instead of the needle? I would appreciate any help any one can Thanks for your time. Have a great day. Debbie

I don’t see how that could have happened on just one sock. Are you sure you didn’t turn around and go the other way on the one before it?

i may be misreading this… but are you meaning that the working yarn has gotten sort of tangled/wrapped in/on the cable? i have that happen if i’m not watching closely where my yarn is when i slither the cable back and forth for working either the back or front when magic looping. if that’s what happened, sometimes it’s easiest just to grab the yarn ball and unwrap it as needed until everything is untangled. other times it works itself out after a round or two, when you’re watching closely again.

I need a picture. lol